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BEFORE & AFTER - Collaroy Basin Project

Today I’m sharing with you the before and after shots from our recent bathroom renovation project on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. While the professional shots are beautiful on their own, there’s nothing like a good before shot to put them into perspective!

Built in the mid-90s, the 3 bathrooms and laundry of this classic beach house hadn’t been touched since then. The main brief from the clients was to freshen up the spaces, while making sure they still made sense within the rest of the house, which wasn't being changed. The clients also had some beautiful furniture in need of a refresh, so the project began with fabric selection and re-upholstery. Once that was done, we began work on the bathrooms and laundry, inspired by the blue green palette from the re-covered furniture and the relaxed, beach-side location.

I hope you enjoy!


Powder Room & Sink Nook

As these spaces were very functional already, the main thing needed was a spruce up. We replaced the peach and yellow tones with a more contemporary palette of white, grey and green. Adding wallpaper to highlight the view of the greenery through the window, replacing the vanity, fittings and tiles has transformed these spaces, and added a heap of personality, while still fitting in with the rest of the house.

01 Powder Room B1.JPG
02 Powder Room B2.jpg
03 Powder Room A1.jpg
04 Powder Room A2.jpg

Main Bathroom

This room sits next to the wallpapered powder room, and like those spaces, needed to be modernised. The clients wanted to keep the cast-iron bath tub, which they kept from the dilapidated weatherboard house which sat here originally. The bath was re-sprayed and the feet re-chromed to fit in with the new scheme, making it a beautiful feature piece.

05 Main Bath B1.jpg
06 Main Bath B2.jpg
07 Main Bath A1.jpg
08 Main Bath A2.jpg
09 Main Bath A3.jpg


Being empty-nesters, the ensuite is the most-used bathroom in the house. With a bathtub that was rarely filled, the brief was to make better use of the space, remove the bath and add a double vanity. Using the same palette as the other spaces, we also designed a large mirror to be the focal point of the room, maximise light and space and create a sense of luxury. Timber battening was added to the ceiling to match the ceilings in the rest of the house. The adjacent powder room was also renovated, with timber wall panelling tying in with the v-groove cabinetry doors in the ensuite.

10 Ensuite B1.jpg
11 Ensuite B2.jpg
12 Ensuite A1.jpg
13 Ensuite A2.jpg
14 Ensuite A3.jpg
15 Ensuite A4.jpg
16 Powder Room 2 B1.JPG
17 Powder Room 2 A1.jpg

Pool Bathroom

The “pool bathroom” is entered from outside near the swimming pool, so is a more hard-working area. There is also a second door to the garage, allowing easy wheelchair access for the client’s son when he visits. With a functional layout already, and not much room for change, the aim here was to modernise the space and add some better functioning storage. New tiles, fittings and vanity were added with a large vintage mirror to soften the straight edges of the space. The feature here is the custom vanity, in a beautiful blue green, tying in with the palette of the indoor bathrooms.

18 Pool Bath B1.jpg
19 Pool Bath B2.jpg
20 Pool Bath A1.jpg
21 Pool Bath A2.jpg


The laundry also had a really well-functioning layout. It sits next to the pool bathroom, and is also accessed via the outdoors. The clients’ two dogs, Oscar and Rosie, eat and sleep in this space too, and one request was to have somewhere for their beds to be put away. Using the same materials as the bathroom next door, replacing appliances and plumbing, the space now offers somewhere colourful and fresh to do laundry in, and a sleeping nook for both doggies!

22 Laundry B1.jpg
23 Laundry A1.jpg
24 Laundry A2.jpg

A big thanks to our amazing trade partners on this project:

Finabode -
JG Bathrooms -
Wilmont Joinery -

Photography by the amazing Natalie Hunfalvay, styled by me.

Alex Gourlay